Author Issa Asad Talks about Publishing your Book Online

Issa Asad
Issa Asad, CEO of Quadrant Holdings
Are you looking to publish your own book or become a social media expert? Issa Asad’s Instant profits series provides a great starting point. There is no better feeling than publishing your own book online. The internet has turned the previously closed world of publishing into a place where anyone can publish their own writing. If you have an interesting story to tell or you want to share your expertise, now it is easier than ever to get your information out there. My book series, Instant Profits, was a series about how to build your company into a social media giant. I’ve worked at many business and understand social media. The most important thing to get started is passion. I was passionate about entrepreneurship. I have many friends that own businesses in South Florida and they were always asking me, “Issa, how can I improve my social media presence online”? My Instant Profits books contain the same tips I gave them. Once you understand the basics of social media, you can do anything. It's important to start real, meaningful conversations with people. Don't talk just for the sake of talking. No body cares if you post descriptions of your products or services. I can find that stuff by Googling it. You have to connect with customers that are talking to you in social media. Find out what they like, what are their interests, what do they want to talk about, and then join their communities. If you talk about what your customers want to talk about then you will be able to have meaningful conversations. I saw one large company using Pinterest to post images of their products. This is a great idea if your product is interesting like hand carved soap sculptures or jewelry, but the company was selling low cost furniture. No one is going to interact with your images on social media if they stink.